My plans for this year

I would love to travel this year. There are many countries that I would like to visit. In Europe I am going to visit Germany and especially such cities as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

Also I would like to go to Italy to see Florence, Milan, Venice and Rome. These are the cities which make me dream. Of course, I would like to go to Africa or Asia, but it will be in a future. I mean that I have not thought over it at all.

This year I would like to learn another foreign language. I speak Russian, it’s my mother language. Also I can speak English; I try to practice every day. Sometimes I practice with my parents or friends who can speak English. Now I want to learn Japanese or Italian. Maybe it will be Spanish, I have not decided yet. It seems to me that Spanish language is not difficult. Spanish words look like Italian words to my mind.

I love learning foreign languages. I find that it really helps to get closer to other people and become more friendly and tolerant. Last year I went to China and I liked their language. It is a very interesting country. Chinese culture is very rich and I am delighted by it. I have a lot to tell about my trip to Beijing and Shanghai.